Going green

All Care Interlocking provides and installs a wide range or eco-friendly products that harness rain and recycle it back into your property, creating beautiful lawns and gardens while preserving natural resources.

Some of these products include permeable pavers that allow water to naturally penetrate back into the earth, saving water from being wasted in storm drains. We also install various natural irrigation systems and catch basins that work in unison with your home’s downspouts that channel water underground to feed lawns and gardens.

Outlined below are 10 suggestions to create an eco friendly landscape that will complement a holistic approach to green building design:
  • Incorporate native plants in your landscaping

  • Plant deciduous shade trees to reduce energy

  • Plant evergreen trees to block cold winter winds

  • Use “Xeriscaping” in your landscape

  • Use efficient and non-polluting reel or electrical lawn mowers

  • Convert to drop irrigation systems

  • Cut down energy usage with solar powered landscaping lights

  • Use Rain Barrel to Irrigate and Landscape

  • User natural and organic products and techniques for landscape maintenance

  • Compost!